Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Here Lobby, Lobby, Lobby"

That would be my lobster call. We used to vacation with my mom's family during the summer in a rented beach house in North Carolina. Crazy! My mom has three sisters and three out of the four of them have two daughters each. The girls pretty much run the show and the boys run for the golf course. We played lots of card games and ate plenty of lobster. My mom's family is from Maine so we would eat Maine lobster, but as kids, we were told that we had to call them out of the ocean. We would all stand at the end of the boardwalk and call for lobsters which would then come crawling up that same boardwalk, rubber bands around the claws and all! So this was a care package I put together for my mom as she went back to Maine to visit her mom. It contains two lobster bibs and a lobster claw cracker all wrapped up in a lobster stamped bag. I can't get over how cute the claw cracker is! Happy crafting!

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