Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Elephant

How stinking cute is this card? Patterned paper, ribbon, and a pink elephant... super easy and super cute! I used my Zoobaloo Cricut cartridge for the elephant, but had to cut off the party hat and present. This card is for a friend's baby shower today... I can't wait until Baby Lorelai comes so she can wear the cute outfits I got her! Is it bad that my favorite store is a baby clothes store? Happy crafting!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Bird-Day!

I swear this is my last post from my Pun fun stamp set... Happy-bird-day! I've used this stamp a few times, and I've used just the written portion of this stamp with other bird stamps, as well... happy crafting!

Get Whale Soon!

Again from my Pun Fun stamp set from Stampin' Up!... Get whale soon! Ha! I really can't get enough... I LOVE PUNS! Happy crafting!

I Stink You're Sweet!

Continuting with my Pun Fun stamp set theme... I made this card for the boyfriend, Daniel Jamal, quite a while ago, but it probably still remains my favorite... not because of what's on the outside, but because of what's on the inside. There, I listed all the things I love about him... in alphabetical order, of course. We're on separate family vacations right now, so I totally miss him... I love you lots, sweetie! And I definitely still stink he's sweet! Happy crafting!


Hip-hippo-ray! Happy Birthday! Today, a little girl named Raina turns 4-years-old... Happy 4th Birthday, Raina! Below is not the card I sent to her, but I like it anyways... I used one of the stamps from the very first stamp set I ever bought... Pun Fun from Stampin' Up!. Of course, we've already been over the fact that I LOVE PUNS! Happy crafting!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

This past week, the boyfriend's parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary... Happy Anniversary H.A. and Jan! To help them celebrate, Daniel Jamal and I drove up to their neck of the woods for a SURPRISE anniversary dinner organized by the "mother of the bride" (Jan's mom, Nan). It was quite the event... their four children, their four nieces, and Jan's brother and sister-in-law, as well as any significant others, were all there. I still don't know how we managed to keep it a surprise! Below is my go-to anniversary card... made with one of my Stampin' Up! stamp sets. Happy crafting!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me... Again

This time, a little birdie told me... you got a promotion! Still to be used from this stamp set: a little birdie told me... about your good news!; it's time to celebrate!; you're getting married!; you're the best! I better get to work! Happy crafting!

A Little Birdie Told Me...

A little birdie told me... it's your birthday! and you're under the weather... How cute is that? I obviously really like my A Little Birdie Told Me stamp set from Stampin' Up!, as well as this design pattern... I didn't even realize I copied myself! I have a couple more to post tomorrow, too. Happy crafting!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Butterflies and Thank Yous

I made this card using my Walk in My Garden Cricut cartridge, as well as a spiral thank you stamp I found at a JoAnn's store. I absolutely love how it turned out... simple, but cute. I hope ya'll have a wonderful week! Happy crafting!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Over the Hill

For whatever reason, I felt like a black and white post today... below are a couple of cards that I have made for those making it "over the hill." I used both the Stretch My Imagination and Wild Card cartridges on my Cricut Cutting Machine, as well as with the Stampin' Up! stamp set One Smart Cookie. I definitely think the next one I make should be funny, though... maybe some dentures? Haha! Happy crafting!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So the boyfriend and I were at Lowe's yesterday when I saw paint chips and thought: "bookmarks!" I had seen the idea on one of the many blogs I follow and had been meaning to try my hand at it for a while. Below are the finished products... nothing glamorous, but sort of architecturally fun. Happy crafting!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cute as a Button

I found this card in one of my many idea books... totally cute, right? Choose any baby-appropriate background and find a two-hole button to match. That's it. Use tacky glue to adhere the button to the paper and make sure some of the glue sort of overflows up through the holes. Once the glue dries, use a sharpie to color in the glue-filled holes (eyes), as well as draw a little curly-cue and smile. Again, that's it. Happy crafting!