Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classroom Organization

Instead of using filing cabinets to store the handouts, lessons, and worksheets I use throughout the year, I keep only one copy and store them all in one handy dandy binder. I keep each of my copies in sheet protectors and then place them in chronological order. I also add and label Post-It Tabs for quick and easy reference. Below is my Handouts Binder for Physical Science. I'll actually be teaching both Life Science and Physical Science (7th Grade and 8th Grade) this year, so I'll put the new binder together throughout the year.

To Make:
2" Binder
100+ Sheet Protectors
Post-It Tabs

And the Post-It Tabs I use match the tabs I've placed on my TE.

I honestly never have trouble finding anything. It's great! Happy organizing!


  1. What is the font you used on the front of the binder?

    1. Scrap Sister... one of my all time favorite fonts, which you can find here:

  2. I do this with my worksheet books that I have purchased from the teacher store! I rip out each page, including the cover and table of contents, and place then in their own sheet protector. When I need to make copies, i just take that page out of the binder, copy it, and put it back. My pages are never dirty or bent up! I have also started binders for those worksheets and projects I have printed from the internet. Now I do just need to go through and organize them, as they are just in the protectors as I printed them!

    1. Jenni, this is a great idea! I will have to do that for all my resource books (that have pages falling out right and left)! Thanks!