Monday, August 8, 2011

Ocean Snack

I know probably every parent and teacher across the country has made this snack, but I thought I'd share anyways... crushed graham crackers, blue jello, gummy fish.

I work in my church's nursery on Sunday mornings and yesterday was the theme "God made Fishies". So of course, we made an ocean snack. It was so cute when we started putting our oceans together.

Staff: "What do you think the blue might be?"
Child: "The ocean!"
While staff serves the first child, Another Child: "I want some ocean!"

Haha. And earlier when we were talking about how God made each of us...

Staff: "And did God make Miss Erin?"
Child: "Oh, totally!"
But then he repeated himself and it was a little clearer: "Oh, turtle!" (holding up a toy turtle)


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