Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classroom Cuteness

One thing I learned last year was that middle schoolers won't do much without a bribe. Usually the bribe is their grade. However, on occasion, I ask them to participate in some sort of activity that does not DIRECTLY effect their grades. I say directly because it's usually a review that will INDIRECTLY affect their test grade... Of course, they often don't see this (or maybe they just don't care). In these cases, the motivation becomes candy. (I know, I know. I HATE it, too!) So this year, I'm starting the year prepared with a couple Cute Candy Containers...


To Make:
Plastic Container (mine originally housed snacks from Costco (Chocolate Covered Almonds)
Black Cardstock
My ABC's Stampin Around
Stampin Wheel
Whisper White Ink Pad
Red Ribbon (7/8" wide)

Happy Crafting!

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