Saturday, July 14, 2012

come sail away with me

... To Alaska! The fiance and I are taking a cruise to Alaska and I could not be more excited! We're celebrating our engagement {even though the trip was planned before we got engaged}! I like to make him cards for our trips, so I put this one together... I REALLY like how it turned out, too. So calming. So soft. Bon Voyage!

Happy Vacationing! And Happy Crafting!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thank Yous

I put together Thank Yous for many of my colleagues and support staff at school for the end of the year... Below is the set of Thank Yous I made for my teacher aide. She's awesome, so I wanted to show her how much I appreciate her. The end of this year was a bit crazy for me, but it's over and now I can breathe. Thank God It's Summer! TGIS!

Happy Crafting!

Owl Old Are You?

Sorry. I couldn't resist. Below is the birthday card I made for my BFF, who is totally into owls right now. Happy {belated Birthday, Hadar! It's her golden birthday (turning 28 on the 28th) and I'm going to miss it! Boo! Head on over to Hadar's blog @ Miss Kindergarten to wish her a happy belated birthday!

Happy Crafting!

Father's Day

So I know most people say that their dad is the greatest ever, but they lie. My dad is the greatest ever. Seriously. My dad kicks every other dad's butt... not literally, he's super nonviolent... which is one reason he's the greatest! My dad is unbelievably calm, considerate, dedicated, driven, ethical, honest, patient, and so super supportive! He's so awesome his initials spell dad! Seriously. D.A.D. (middle name Alvin, hehe). So happy belated Father's Day to all the second greatest dads out there. And a special Happy Father's Day to mine!

Happy Crafting!

Boys Baseball Birthday

Every June, I make boys birthday cards to last through most of the rest of the year. And I usually base the theme off of one particular boy (I can't call him little anymore!). I babysat Ethan (and his little sister) when he was smaller, but now he's turning turned 9! Yikes! He's super into baseball, so I made a baseball card. Happy {belated} Birthday, Ethan! And this card will also work well in November for my sponsored kids because they love baseball, too!

Happy Crafting!

Vroom, Vroom!

Did I mention I love June? Yes, well I have one more reason to love June... the boyfriend's  fiance's birthday! I'm pretty sure I've made him sailboat cards for every celebration over the last year, so I wanted something different. He rides a motorcycle, so this card made sense. I love going on rides with him, too. Happy {belated} Birthday, Daniel! I love you lots!

Happy Crafting!

Graduation Time!

I love June. It's warm out, but not too warm (I can wear dresses AND cardigans!). School is almost out. Community pools are now heated. And someone is always graduating! So far this year, I've been to 2 college graduations and will celebrate 2 high school graduations. The card below was made to congratulate Tyler, Jon, Kristin, and Tatiana. Congrats, Graduates!

Happy Crafting!

Happy Bird-Day

I love the simplicity of this card... And of course the pun! The stamp is from one of my go-to stamp sets from stampin' up, Pun Fun. Layer a few pieces of colored cardstock, add a ribbon, and viola!

Happy crafting!


Ah! I have not posted in a REALLY long time! I've been crazy busy ending the school year, moving out of my classroom, traveling to Japan, then getting engaged! Crazy, right?!?! And now I'm off to Alaska! I will now be referring to the boyfriend as the fiance... or just Daniel, since by now you all know his name. I can't wait to marry that amazing man!!
So because I am SO behind on my blogging, I will be posting A LOT of overdue posts all at once. I know. You're going to hate me. But then it'll probably be months before I post again, knowing me.

A little sneak peek at the engagement...