Friday, February 24, 2012

Classroom Cuteness

Below are my newest classroom additions...
ThINK sign encouraging my students to do just that... THINK! My inspiration came from A Middle School Survival Guide. The font came from Lettering Delights (Scrap Sister).

And in an attempt to talk less (especially because I'm pretty sure that by this point in the year students just tune out the sound of my voice), I've begun posting materials needed for class each day on the board. I laminated each material and stuck a magnet to the back. I keep a little basket on the ledge underneath my white boards so it's right there. So far, so good. Again, the font came from Lettering Delights (Scrap Sister). If you can't already tell, I'm somewhat obsessed with that font!

What additions have you made to your classroom lately? Share your ideas below...

Happy crafting!

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