Monday, August 31, 2015

Gender Reveal!!!

No. I'm NOT pregnant. But most of my friends are or have been recently. Seriously. I'm at THAT age. So when our friends Justin & Ashley decided to do a gender reveal party, and asked me to help design it, I was pretty excited. Ashley picked the chalkboard theme and shades of blue and pink, and I sort of went to town. Literally. I designed far more stuff than is pictured. Overboard is probably a good word to describe what I did. Below are some of the paper party goods I designed... invite, banner, wives tales, sex voting board, diaper message sign, drink signs, water balloon toss sign, silly string reveal sign, and silly string labels.

Then to reveal the gender, J & A had a circle of friends spray silly string on them in the color designating the gender. By the way, there is a LOT of silly string in each of those small cans. They were covered in string when we were done. And the gender is...


I'm SO excited for them! And now to start making bows... And tutus...

Happy Crafting!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Happy Happy Birthday

This one's for your extra happy birthday wishing. That didn't make sense. But you know what I mean.

So much happy! Happy Crafting!


I saw this idea on Pinteres (of course!), and couldn't resist...

Mustache fun for all ages! Happy Crafting!


I LOVE my Cheers to You stamp set from Stampin Up! Especially for use in making cards for my girls! I just wish there was a wine glass...

Happy Crafting!

Birthday Cupcakes

I'm SO behind on my posts. But you all have probably lowered your expectations of me by now, knowing that I often don't post for up to a year or more at a time. So here are a couple birthday cards from the Create A Cupcake stamp set from Stampin Up. Don't they look tasty?!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Super Bowl!

As per my usual, I made themed desserts to match a themed party. And I'm weeks late posting about it.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting and White Chocolate Laces

Chocolate Covered Strawberries with White Chocolate Laces

I will warn you, piping the white chocolate gets super tricky because it'll harden in your piping bag. So I would melt and use only maybe 1/2 cup max at a time. Also, if you're not lazy like I was, make a small batch of buttercream frosting to pipe the laces on the cupcakes. Good luck and enjoy!

Go Team! And Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cookie Gift Bags

I've been MIA lately, as I just haven't done much crafting worth posting. But that changes now. Today I am giving away leftover cookies to our neighbors (they think I'm just super thoughtful, but really, I'm getting rid of them so I don't eat them all myself... because I will eat them ALL). Not only does this give me an excuse to craft, but it also gives me a chance to talk to other humans for a bit. YAY!

To Make: stamp bottom of brown paper bag with desired stamp, fill with cookies (leaving bottom fold that keeps the bag flat folded, so it's still mostly flat), fold over flap, cut to desired length with fun scissors, hole punch in center of flap, insert and tie ribbon.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Pencil Vase

I found this idea somewhere on Pinterest (as usual), and decided to make one for a colleague for her birthday...

1. Start with an emptied and cleaned can, and a box of about 30 unsharpened pencils. Use a hot glue gun to adhere one pencil at a time around the can. Note: mine ended up a little crooked, so if I were to do this again, I'd probably use a level and draw some lines on the can ahead of time to use as a guide.
2. Just keep gluing. Just keep gluing. (Finding Nemo, anyone?)

3. And viola! I added a black ribbon, filled the can with water, and arranged some flowers.

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


At school, we've been doing the secret pal thing. (Think secret Santa, but for extended time.) Well yesterday was the big reveal, and I wanted to give my secret pal (the one giving gifts to me) something to say thanks...
"You're o-fish-ally the best! I'm so glad we're in the same school!"

I found two separate ideas on Pinterest (obviously) and put them together. And I ate the rest of the Swedish Fish that didn't fit. Win: Win.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

...because what's Valentine's Day without a mushy valentine card?!

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fleece Tie Blanket

So we've all seen these... They're super easy, no-sew blankets... I FINALLY made one with the help from Jan, my soon-to-be-mother-in-law (STBMIL). She's been cutting and sewing up a storm, making 125 Days for Girls kits (whoa!), and getting much of the flannel donated. In the mix of all the flannel, there was some soft fleece, perfect for a baby blanket. So we decided to make that knotted blanket we've all seen so much...

We followed this tutorial on wikiHow.

1. Cut your top and bottom fleece to the same size.

2. Cut a 4" square from each corner.

3. Cut strips 1" wide and 4" long all the way around your fleece pieces.

4. Tie a knot (2 times to stay securely) with a strip from each layer (top and bottom).

5. Keep tying knots all the way around the blanket.

6. Snuggle up and enjoy!

A huge thanks to Jan for providing all the materials needed for this project, as well as taking the pictures! Such cute and snuggly fun!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's a Mario Party!

I helped the fiancé of a friend of my fiancé's (whoa. did you follow that?!) throw a Mario themed birthday party... And it was so much fun! I made all the paper products (banner, labels), as well as the marshmallow pops. Of course, I bombarded my co-planner with ideas found on Pinterest. I clearly need children... But not yet. :)

The fiancé and I were Mario and Peach, and the birthday boy and his fiancé we Bowser and Peach. And that's the whole crew above... We're acting out our characters, if you didn't figure that out. ;)

Wahoo! Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wine Charms

Although our wedding is not until April, I couldn't wait to make these mr and mrs wine charms. Below is a tutorial.

1. Choose your font and print a stencil. I chose to use Carolyna Pro black, my most favoritest of favorite fonts ever. EVER. You could obviously choose a picture here, too.

2. Bend your wire as you trace your stencil. The thicker and sturdier your wire, the more difficult this will be. Use a pair of pliers to help. And don't forget to leave some length on one end for the part that goes around the wine glass (no idea what it's called).

3. Drink! Place your wine charms around your wine glass, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

Paper Roses

Another long-time to do list item was finally checked off today. I've had the copies of music ready to use for almost 3 years now!!! Below is my step-by-step tutorial, which I found somewhere on the internet 3 years ago, printed out, and kept... So sorry I can't link to it, but I can't find it. :(

1. Gather some pretty paper. I decided to use some copied sheet music. I was in the teacher's lounge one day almost 3 years ago making copies when the music teacher walked in to do the same. The music he was copying looked "musicy" to me, so I asked if I could have one. Easy peasy.

2. Optional: Stain your sheet music. Pour some hot water into a 9" x 13" pan with a dark brown or black tea (I used a dark brown tea in order to get the soft creamy color, use black tea if you want something darker). Soak your sheet music in the tea for some time. Confession: I have no idea how long I left mine in there for. Maybe an hour or two? It could have been half a day, though. I was doing so many crafts at the same time!

3. Hang to dry. I tied up some string on my neighbor's house, then hung my sheet music using clothes pins. They only needed an hour or so to dry, but mine were in the sun and it's pretty dry out here.

4. Cut spiral flowers. I'm not sure how else to describe what to do here except, cut in a continuously smaller circle until you get to the the middle. I used my scalloped scissors, which created a pretty cool effect.

5. Wrap the spiral cirlcle flowers tightly around a pencil. When you do this, the spiral will naturally want to wind down the pencil. To avoid this, wrap tightly at the inside end of the spiral, keeping the bottom of your flower tight and allowing the top to become looser. This is how you will get a rose look, as opposed to just a tightly wrapped piece of paper. I also used hot glue every once and a while to help it all stay in place.

6. Glue stem. Glue one end of a green wire to the inside of the paper flower (where the pencil was). I created a little loop at the end in order to help the wire stay a little better.

7. Arrange. Cut the wire stems to your desired length and place your paper flowers in a vase. Viola! I put mine on a shelf next to all my Jane Austen books. Yes, I have read them all. And yes, they are all pretty much the same. ;)

Happy Crafting!