Monday, August 31, 2015

Gender Reveal!!!

No. I'm NOT pregnant. But most of my friends are or have been recently. Seriously. I'm at THAT age. So when our friends Justin & Ashley decided to do a gender reveal party, and asked me to help design it, I was pretty excited. Ashley picked the chalkboard theme and shades of blue and pink, and I sort of went to town. Literally. I designed far more stuff than is pictured. Overboard is probably a good word to describe what I did. Below are some of the paper party goods I designed... invite, banner, wives tales, sex voting board, diaper message sign, drink signs, water balloon toss sign, silly string reveal sign, and silly string labels.

Then to reveal the gender, J & A had a circle of friends spray silly string on them in the color designating the gender. By the way, there is a LOT of silly string in each of those small cans. They were covered in string when we were done. And the gender is...


I'm SO excited for them! And now to start making bows... And tutus...

Happy Crafting!!!

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