Sunday, March 13, 2011

School Countdown

So after having a bit of a rough week at work (doesn't it always seem like a rough week?), I decided to make a countdown... a countdown until summer! I threw this one together in less than 5 minutes, just something to remind myself "you're almost done!" I really can't wait to sleep in until the sun comes up, exercise on a more than monthly basis, cook one meal at a time, run errands in daylight, and read something other than a science textbook! Wow! That sounds so good I may not go back in September! Eh, who am I kidding, I'll be bored and back in my classroom getting ready by July. The joys of teaching.

To make the countdown, I printed out a paper that said, "Days Left". Then I printed pages with 2 each of numbers 0-9. I layered those numbers, whole punched, and clipped them in binder rings. I also used a red file folder as a stand... like I said, I put this together in less than 5 minutes! But hey, it works! Happy crafting!



  1. nice!!! You could put it in a 3 ring binder too!