Monday, May 30, 2011

Harry Potter? Is That You?

No. It's not Harry Potter... It's just me! I made some felt eyeglasses to go along with the felt mustaches... The Harry Potter ones are probably my favorite. I asked the boyfriend if I looked like Harry Potter in them and he said "no." A professor? A bookworm? "No. No." He said I "just look weird." Well that's nothing new! Maybe if I add a cape I'll look like Harry Potter... I'll add it to the craft list. Happy crafting!



  1. They turned out great!! And I LOVE your new profile picture!!


  2. They look great and I think I will make some and use them for my students to read the room with. They will be super excited about it.

    I think for HP you have to put tape in the bridge of the glasses. :)

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