Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cookie Mix in a Jar

My friend, Heather, and her husband, Alex, just bought and moved into their first home together. Congratulations, Heather and Alex! As a housewarming gift, I put together a cookie mix... Nothing says home like the smell of fresh baked cookies! I layered all of the dry ingredients in a quart-sized glass jar, then included the recipe for the remaining wet ingredients and baking instructions. Of course, I decorated the jar and a bag to carry the jar. Heather's favorite color is purple, so I went with that. Below are the pictures...

For the bag: I typed up the recipe, printed on cardstock, then backed with patterned paper. I actually attached it with photo tape (you know, the kind that is sort of removable), that way she can remove the recipe and reuse the bag if she likes. Then I included a wooden spoon for cuteness and practicality. Who knows? She may not have a spoon.


For the jar: I calculated and layered the dry ingredients for my recipe (Note on calculating: Since I was using a quart-sized jar, I had to calculate so as to fill the jar perfectly with my dry ingredients. Luckily! The recipe called for exactly 2 quarts of dry ingredients. No problem! I cut the recipe in half. Other recipes may not be that easy, though.). Then I used a 2" circle punch to make a tag on cardstock and tied it onto the jar with a bow. As cute as the layering is, I think next time I'll break up the flour and oats into more layers.

For the lid: I used that same 2"circle punch, but this time I punched from sticker paper (I always have full page sticker paper on hand... usually used for water bottle labels) and stamped with my "yummy" stamp. Viola! Happy crafting!

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