Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cards & Cardigans... Remodeled


I've updated my blog. YAY! FINALLY! I searched the web for a design that fit me perfectly and came up short. I therefore decided to design my own. (Those of you who know me have now fallen off your chairs in disbelief because I am almost computer illiterate. Seriously.) Well, I had A LOT of help. And read A LOT of tutorials. I kept it simple. I kept it me. VERY ME. And because I relied so heavily on all those tutorials, I've listed the ones I fould most helpful below. Most everything else I just sort of played with in Template Designer. You know, trial and error. Happy blogging! And happy crafting!

How to Use a Cute Font for Your Post Titles
Cute Handwritten Fonts ( I used Pea Tracy)
How to Use Custom Colors on Your Blog
Stampin' Up! RGB Color Codes & Html Codes
How to Add a Signature to Every Blog Post

Questions? Comments?

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