Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Student Stick Cans

In addition to making Hadar's Crayon Can yesterday, I also made a few (and by few, I mean five) Student Stick cans. You see, in elementary school, teachers have one can for their one class. They can write student NAMES on the sticks. But in middle school, teachers have five classes and therefore most will write NUMBERS and just look at their class rosters to know who the kid is. However, I'm not going to lie, this is somewhat of a pain as I often walk my classroom with a handful of sticks and leave my clipboard behind! To solve this problem, there's a teacher I work with that does write all student NAMES on her sticks and bundles them by class. I walked into her class one day and was appalled at the sight of the bundles (wrapped in color-coded rubber bands, at least)! I decided right then and there to make her cans for her sticks. Below are the products.

Apparently these cans can do a circus act! Hehe.

To Make: Empty an aluminum can (my favorite is artichoke hearts) and use a hot glue gun to wrap with either cardstock or ribbon. Cardstock is a bit easier, but not as fancy. For cardstock, make squiggle lines with your hot glue and press firmly, one small section at a time. For ribbon, glue and wrap one layer at a time, then tie off with a bow.

Stay tuned the next couple weeks as I give you some sneak peaks at Daniel's upcoming Party! Happy crafting!