Friday, July 8, 2011

More Time Means More Awash with Flowers

I think my favorite part of summer is the fact that I have time. Time to bake. Time to cook. Time to craft. Time to exercise. Time to visit with friends. Not only do I have time to do whatever I want, but I also have time to do things HOW I want. For example, I now have enough time to not only make cards, but make individual cards designed for individual people. Get out! In the past, I would count up the number of birthday cards I needed for two or three months, design one, and power out that many. Now I can make one per person. Isn't time grand? (I think the phrase is "isn't love grand", but I'm gonna go with "time" today.) So today is my Aunt Judy's birthday. Happy Birthday, Aunt Judy!

By the way, I have two Aunt Judys. (And two Uncle Toms, but that's another story.) Aunt Judy Deslatte lives in Colorado (dad's side) and Aunt Judy Bailey lives in North Carolina (mom's side). I grew up calling my Aunt Judy Bailey, "Auntie Poodie." No idea where it came from. But today is Aunt Judy Deslatte's birthday. And she is actually married to one of my Uncle Toms... Just to confuse you all. Happy crafting!

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