Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flower Fairies

Okay. So as you read this post, imagine my voice getting higher and higher pictched as I get more and more excited about the cute flower fairies. I saw this idea who knows where and just about fell out of my seat due to cuteness! EEEH! I was able to use my fabulous Awash with Flowers stamp set to make the petal skirt, then added arms, a head, and legs using my All in the Family stamp set. TOO CUTE, right?!?! This one is for Raina. Happy Birthday, Raina! I hope she likes it!

I'll have to try making flower fairies with other flowers from my Awash with Flowers stamp set. No more little girl birthdays for a while, though... Maybe I'll have to do another giveaway! Genius! Happy crafting you all!

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