Monday, December 12, 2011

Twister Cookies

Every year I make some sort of holiday treat to share with all the wonderful people that put up with me regularly. This year, I made twister cookies! Twister cookies are a somewhat bitter Arabic cookie (I'm 1/4 Lebanese) and are probably my favorite kind of cookie. I grew up making these delicious cookies with my Great Aunt Freda in Maine. These cookies are a bit labor intensive as you have to roll the dough out for each cookie and twist... It takes a while and your back always hurts after. They are so worth it, though!


Happy baking all!

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  1. Hi Ashley,
    I grew up in Caribou and if that is where you made twister cookies with your Aunt Freda, then I knew her well. Made twister a few weeks ago with a friend using her recipe, mine are all gone and wanted to bring some to Christmas family gathering. Wish you had posted your recipe. Oh well sure I can find one on line. Yours looked perfect, hope my turn out as good!