Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Decor

This year's Easter Decor Theme: Carrots! And not only is it Easter, but it is also my cousin's birthday. Happy Birthday, Alex! So I promised her I'd make some cupcakes for her birthday... of course, I didn't stop at the cupcakes. I created a banner by sewing together a string of orange paper triangles, addes Alex's name, as well as some green ribbon to make the two on the end look like carrots.

I went shopping with my aunt, Alex's mama, in order to find bright green and orange napkins, plates, and silverware. We'll be eating outside this year and we don't want to do dishes (and by we, I mean me!). And because I just can't stop at festive banners and cupcakes, I also made carrots out of the napkins and silverware... so smart, I know! I googled "carrot napkin folds", thinking I'd find a fancy way to fold just a napkin into a carrot (sort of like oragami) and found this idea instead.. I rolled a medium-sized orange napkin around bright green silverware, tied with a bright green ribbon, and viola! Haha. We could use our carrot to eat our carrots! (I'm practically rolling on the floor laughing right now!)

And my pride and joy... carrot patch cupcakes! I made basic chocolate cupcakes and frosted them with my fabulous cream cheese frosting (thanks for the idea, Francheska!). I then sprinked some crushed graham crackers on top to represent dirt and wrapped cupcake liners made from kraft paper around the base. Now for the tough part... I molded orange starburst into the shape of carrots and cut green sour strings to represent the stalk. As simple as this sound, and it was, I made 3 per cupcake times 20 cupcakes to equal 60 candy carrots! Needless to say, my hands started to hurt after a while... it was so worth it, though!

I can't wait for Alex to see all of my carrot decorations! And I can't wait to eat all those carrot patch cupcakes! Have a happy Easter and happy crafting all!



  1. O M G!!!!!! Cutest post ever!!!!! I LOVE the carrot banner and I LOVE the carrot silverware/napkin and I LOOOVE the carrot patch cupcakes!!!!! Could you be any cuter?! I swear my followers would love you! I'm going to post about you!!

  2. Hadar I am one of your followers and I DO love these fantastic cupcakes!!! Thanks for posting about this fabulous blog :) Hope you don't mind I'm following you now Ashley.

  3. Thanks Malarie! I started my blog WAY before Hadar, but she zoomed past my number of followers in probably the first day... I love new followers!