Monday, July 4, 2011

Classroom Management Linky Party

I'm joining the Classroom Management Linky Party with Miss Kindergarten! So one of my strenghts and weaknesses in teaching is definitely classroom management. I am oober consistent, but am also ridiculously strict sometimes... meaning I don't tolerate much. This can be good and bad. My students know they won't get away with ANYTHING. They know they won't be warned repeatedly. And they know exactly what the consequences are when my expectations aren't met. I've overheard students telling others about me saying, "she's fun, but she's REALLY strict." YES! That's exactly what I want to be!

Classroom Management Strategy: My favorite strategy from teaching kindergarten was "Freeze 1, 2, 3." While students were working, whether independently or in groups, and I needed their attention, I would say "Freeze 1, 2, and 3." This meant...

Freeze 1 - hands on your head
Freeze 2 - hands on your shoulders
Freeze 3 - hands in your lap

The idea behind it? When you ask for students' attention, the majority of students (in Irvine, mind you) will give it to you, no problem. But there are always a few stragglers. By asking students to give some sort of response when you ask for their attention, you end up with EVERYONE'S attention. And! By having students respond with their hands, they also stop whatever it is they are doing so you have their undivided attention (one of my pet peeves!).

Now I did mention that I used this strategy in kindergaten, but not with my middle schoolers. I plan, however, to try it next year. I think it will really help my students to actually STOP and LISTEN. Of course, I can't have them putting their hands on their heads, shoulders, and laps... My Thoughts: As I say, "Freeze 1, 2, and 3", students can make faces or poses. I think a lot of my students will have fun with this, even get totally into it. However, I worry about those few that will think it is totally lame and possibly discourage the remainder of the class from participating. Thoughts?

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  1. Great idea Ashley! Thanks for linking up! I'm proud of you! :)


  2. This is a great idea. I was thinking how could I get the kids attention and ... I just found my answer! Thanks