Monday, April 18, 2011

Crocheted Flowers

Spring Break is finally here! Now that I have some time away from my classroom, I can finally get to that stack of craft ideas that's been piling up. Below is my first project... crocheted flowers. I made several colors and attached them to hair ties and headbands. I never (seriously, never) actually do my hair, just sort of twirl my fingers through it and hope for the best. Hopefully these cute flowers will at least add some distraction from the tangled mess!

My Spring Break Crafting Plans:
Saturday: Easter Cards - I'll post this one on Easter... I'm pretty particular about dates, ask the boyfriend.
Sunday: Crocheted Bows - These are done, but I need to attach them to some hair accessories.
Monday: Crocheted Flowers - I'm wearing the purple one now!
Tuesday: Sheet Music Flowers
Wednesday: Fabric Flowers
Thursday: Birthday Cards
Friday: Easter Decorations
Saturday: Easter Decorations

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  1. Saw these on Hadar's blog. They are soooo cute. Love them.