Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music Note Magnets

I know I said the planned craft for today was Sheet Music Flowers, but it turns out they were much harder than I thought and I did not finish them. I did, however, get to meet up with my friend Andrea and make the fabulous craft that she planned... Music Note Magnets! I absolutely love them (we seemed to be on a music theme today)! Anyway, she had breakfast and tea all set up for us when I arrived (YUM!). We ate and visited for a bit, then got down to business... crafting, duh! To make these magnets, you'll want use those clear pebbles that are used at the base of a flower vases, sheet music, tacky glue, and round magnets. All we did was trace the magnets on the sheet music, cut, trim, and glue with tacky glue... one layer of glue between the magnet and the sheet music and one layer of glue between the sheet music and the pebble. However, we did find that the sheet music was a little thin and it therefore turned a bit grey as the glue dried (this actually worked out really well for our music notes, but maybe not so much if you used other designs). In order to prevent the discoloration from happening, she said you just want to include a piece of cardstock under your design (easy fix!). Thanks for crafting with me, Andrea! And happy crafting to the rest of you!


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